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About Our Online Antiques & Collectibles Website

We believe that our online antique fair website is the most attractive site – both from a customers point of view (and therefore from the dealers’ point of view) and also from a performance criteria. We welcome any comments by email to help us improve. In this decade, the antiques trade is coming to grips with the internet and we are seeing more and more initial contacts and enquiries coming to dealers this way. This trend is not about to stop. We hope that this site can put buyers and seller together.

Please browse our categories or search by name/type/age etc. in the search box. You can also view items by dealer. If you cannot find what you want, please let us know and we’ll see if we can help find either an item or a dealer.

We hope to be the most friendly web site (if that’s not a contradiction in terms). Be friendly back… Please feel free to get in touch about any subject you like.

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About Our Antiques, Collectibles & 20th Century Pieces

Most of what you see here on our online antique site is “antique”. But not everything you see on London Antique Fair is technically antique.
Please see the definitions below. We also include those item which fall into the decorative or collectible vogues of Collectible or 20th Century. These are all labels which you will see at all antique fairs, especially as tastes and fashion changes to encompass the more recent collectible and furnishing styles.

This is provided that:

Please feel comfortable in letting us know if you think that any items are mis-labled. Please email here.
N.B. Vintage isn’t really represented here on this online antique fair site

Defining Antiques: How Old Do Antiques Need To be?

It’s almost impossible to find out how old antiques have to be! Searching for definitive answers, both in legal terms and in general practice only gets you snips here and there. So we’re going to give it a go. We hope this helps you if you’re looking for answers.

The word Antique comes from the Latin for old or ancient. One definition of an antique is an object or a work of art that has a high value because of its age. Another is that is a collectable* item.

Wikipedia says in its introduction to the subject “It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society”.

It is common to consider antiques 100 years old though 80-100 years is also common. The first law in the USA defining the age of antiques said they had to be from earlier than 1830 but that law was written in 1930 – a possible source of the 100 years concept. In 2013, that means the cut off is after 1914 with the 100 year rule and 1934 with 80 years’ grace.

Many individual commentators believe that a period change is necessary to help draw a line so when we moved from “Edwardian” and into the between the wars period the world was changing and becoming “modern” (vide art deco etc.) and thus 1920 is a good time to draw that line – before or after.

Of course some experts consider quality to be an arbiter. That is, it’s of high quality it’s more likely to be considered antique and less prestigious items, however old, may not be!

So How Old Are Items on our Antique Fair 24|7|365 site?

“Antique” We’re going with the 80 year rule which means pre-1933 (which just includes my father!)**

“Collectable” Anything after that but then pre-1973 (which makes them 40 years old at least) **

“Vintage” After 1973 but before 25 years ago, so pre-1988** (NB. We don’t really do vintage here)

Some Antique Oddities:

Cars are said to be antique at 25 years old! But that’s vintage by other reckoning. Classic means 25 years too for vehicles.

*Collectible vs. collectable

The spelling of this word (these words?) is sometimes contentious. I prefer the word “collectible” as a noun. I don’t mind for the adjectival use but the sense seems to go with “collectible” unless you’re saying that you are able to collect something, in which case “collectable” is fine,

** As at 2013