New Antique Doll Traders on London Antique Fair 24|7|365

CM Bergmann Antique porcelain doll.germany 1916.julie

Antique & Collectible Porcelain Dolls from Zouf

We welcome Elodie and Zouf Biz to the online London Antique Fair and we welcome her porcelain dolls which will appear here in the next few weeks. Elodie is showing (and selling) late 19th Century/early 20th Century porcelain dolls. So far we have a great example of a Simon & Halbig doll called Violet. Elodie names all her dolls – or does she get them with names? I shall have to ask. The doll was found in Burgundy, France, but the maker – of at least the bisque head – is German. So what’s the origin? Again, I’ll ask Elodie…

Porcelain dolls are fantastically collectible and we hope to learn much more about them as we see more on London Antique Fair. So far we’re getting to know the great makers of the late 19th century and the early 20 century, mostly German. Presumably it was the porcelain skills (and factories) that they had which gave them pre-eminence in the field. But then there are porcelain factories in France, particularly Limoges where they did make dolls too. But if you look around, most are German. You don’t have to know much to see that in the names of the makers: Where else could SCHEUTZMEISTER and HEUBACH-KOPPELSDORF be from!

Anyway, welcome to Zouf & Elodie and we hope your dolls are wonderfully sought after. Bonne chance or should we say Gl├╝ck?